Still Life

November 18, 2008

Well I had to hand in my still life homework for my Analysis of Form class today. It went better than my drapery, but it still needs alot of work. This picture is taken with my iphone, but if I get to work on it a little more, I’ll post another higher res picture. 

Still Life


My First Lip-Sync

November 17, 2008

Our next experimental animation was the Lip-sync and we had the freedom of choosing the type of medium we wanted to work with (things we’ve learned in class). I chose to do it in paper cut-outs because that was the one I was most comfortable with. Enjoy!

Richard Williams & APE

November 4, 2008

So this past weekend was a very eventful and memorable one.

On Saturday, I got to meet Enrico Casarosa, Scott Morse, and Dice Tsutsumi at APE (Alternative Press Expo). They all signed the Totoro Forest Project book I purchased from them and Enrico also signed and drew on the books that I’ve bought from him.

On Sunday, ASIFA-SF had a fund raising event with Richard Williams! I was so excited and it didn’t disappoint one bit. He may be getting up there in age, but he’s as lively as ever. Also just having the honor to give us lectures on animation … that, I’ll cherish forever. It made me very excited to be an animation student.


Now that I think of it, Eric Goldberg is coming to our school to be a guest judge for the Fall Animation Festival 08! I can’t wait… Now I just wish I can get the chance to meet Glen Keane and James Baxter. I can only dream..

(more pics to come)

Group Projects

October 31, 2008

So my 4th and 5th assignments for the Experimental Animation class were both group projects. One for chalk and one for pixilation. I’m not a huge fan of group projects only because we have only a week to arrange times to meet and get the project completed. Well.. enjoy~


Disastrous Drapery

October 21, 2008

This one goes in the Hall of Shame. A grade of B-.


October 10, 2008

So our third project for the Experimental Animation was to animate a minimum of 4 seconds worth using paper cut-outs. I went a little too crazy and didn’t get to finish due to getting sick over the weekend, but I handed in my unfinished work.

Preparing for the animation was fun, but I only had 2 days to actually animate it and I’m not too happy with the end result, but I learned alot so that I’m happy about. Enjoy.

EDIT: Many people seem to believe the scene where the farmer runs across the field is done traditionally, but that’s not the case. It was done with the replacement technique. It’s 5 separate cut-outs of the farmer I kept exchanging and taking the picture.

It Arrives!

October 5, 2008

I’ve been awaiting a package very impatiently for a week now and it’s finally here! Out of the excitement, I geeked out and took pictures. Enjoy 🙂

The package was pretty big. 56 lbs.

Big mess waiting to happen.

Ah there you are… like a buried treasure.

Almost there…

All done.. TADA!

I decided to buy the lightbox and the disc to practice animating since I don’t have a 2d animation class this semester, but from the way it’s going, I might just be too busy to really use it for awhile. I can’t wait!

Playing with Clay

September 30, 2008

Our second Experimental Animation project was to animate using clay. First we had to morph a cube into a sphere or vice-versa. Second, we had to make a ball jump using replacement animation and lastly, we had to make a worm inch it’s way across the screen.

Experimental Animation

September 29, 2008

This semester, the only type of animation class I get to take is the Experimental Animation class. It’s alot of fun, but alot of work. The first project we had to do was a group assignment. We had to animate something using Found Objects with 2 seconds worth of animation for each person in the group. I think we went a little over board..

Starting from the basics

September 26, 2008

So the school’s finally kicking off and the first semester is off to a slow start. We’re taking many basic foundation classes and honestly it looks like I need it.

Charcoal Still Life

Charcoal Still Life